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Temporary Liquor Permits

*As we navigate through the COVID-19 health emergency, DCP Liquor Control will be reviewing temporary liquor permit applications on a case-by-case basis for compliance with: active Executive Orders from Governor Lamont, Reopening Guidelines and Sector Rules as established by the Department of Economic and Community Development (“DECD”) .  Your permit will not be approved if the proposed event does not comport to these standards.


As part of the permit application process, please submit a written and detailed operations plan for your proposed event.  The plan must meet the standards set forth by the Governor’s Executive Orders and DECD guidelines for events, and should describe how you plan to enforce those standards during the event.


Please know that restrictions are in place that: (1) limit the number of persons, including staff, in attendance at the event; (2) specify that alcoholic beverages must be served with food; (3) require social distancing; and (4) specify the type of entertainment allowed.  Other restrictions may also be relevant to your event.


Once we receive your detailed plan and proposal, we may need to review it with DECD to ensure all standards are met, so please plan to submit your completed temporary liquor permit application in a timely manner.


For information about the Executive Orders and DECD Guidelines, please see the below websites:


Governor Lamont Executive Orders:


DECD Rules Website:


Golf Outings/CTGA Rules:

General FAQ's

Do I need to obtain a Temporary Permit?
Yes, most likely.  As per C.G.S. 30-77 - Disposing of Liquor without a Permit, if you intend to manufacture or, by sample, by soliciting or procuring orders, or otherwise, sell or deliver, or offer or expose for sale or delivery, or own or keep with intent to sell or deliver, or ship, transport or import into this state, you will be required to obtain a liquor permit.
What Does the Temporary Permit Allow?
A temporary permit allows the sale and/or service of beer and/or liquor at any outing, picnic or social gathering conducted by a bona fide charitable or non profit/commercial organization, which organization shall be the backer of the permittee under such permit.
Do I Qualify for a Temporary Permit?
The backer organization (not an individual) applying for the liquor permit must be a bona fide charitable 501(c)(3) or non profit/non-commercial organization.  You may be required to provide proof of your tax exempt status to the Department before permit approval.
Please note: For-profit entities or businesses would not qualify for a temporary liquor permit.
Who Benefits from the Sale of Alcohol during an Event?
All profits from the sale of such beer or alcoholic liquor shall be retained by the organization conducting such outing, picnic or social gathering and no portion thereof shall be paid, directly or indirectly, to any individual or other corporation.


Permit Requirements:

  1. Local Zoning Approval– obtained from the town in which the event is taking place

  2. Fire Marshal's Approval – obtained from the town in which the event is taking place

  3. Town Clerk Certification - obtained from the town in which the event is taking place

  4. Police Authority - obtained from the town in which the event is taking place

  5. Applicant Suitability - obtained from the local police chief from the town in which the applicant resides (this includes out of state)

  6. Sketch - detailed sketch of the proposed premises to outline your plan to control the safe sale and service of alcohol to patrons


Identify which permit type you will require:


Starting a New Application:

To start the simplified online application and payment process do the following: Click the "Apply Online" button, complete the Registration process in the name of your qualifying Organization (or sign in) and then select and apply for the correct temporary permit type.

Legacy Paper Application:  Temporary Liquor Permit Application

Please Note:  This is an Online Application only.  The paper application should be printed and completed in order to upload to your online application.