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Court Decisions Issued in 2021
Superior Court Appellate Court Supreme Court
Bridgeport v. FOIC 1/12/21 
File: HHB-CV20-6060495-S
Godbout v. FOIC 3/2/21
Judgement of Superior Court Affirmed
Petition for Certification denied 4/20/21
Meriden v. FOIC 3/12/21
Judgement of Appellate Court Affirmed
Lowthert v. FOIC 3/5/21
Lewis v. FOIC 2/16/21
Judgement of the Superior Court Affirmed
Godbout v. FOIC 8/3/21  
File: HHB-CV20-5027250-S 
Appeal Dismissed (Moot)
Lindquist v. FOIC 3/31/21
Judgement of the Superior Court Reversed
 Drumm v. FOIC 8/13/21
File: HHB-CV21-6063380-S

Lowthert v. FOIC  9/1/21
File: HHB-CV18-6047447-S

Braasch v. FOIC  9/21/21
File: HHB-CV20-6062369
Boster v. FOIC  12/13/2021
File: HHB-CV-19-6052569