Continuing Care Facility


Connecticut's Continuing Care Facilities (CCF), also referred to as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), provide shelter and care under the terms of a continuing care contract that detail the housing and care obligations of the CCF as well as the cost of providing such services. CCF's are regulated under Sections 17b-520 through 17b-535, of the Connecticut General Statues and are required to register with the Department of Social Service by filing required disclosure documents. The Disclosure Statement should provide a prospective resident the necessary information regarding the nature of the program, financial considerations, rights and privileges under the Residency Agreement.

Disclosure: All Continuing Care Facilities in the State of Connecticut are subject to Chapter 319hh, Connecticut General Statutes, concerning management of Continuing Care Facilities. Registration under the law does not constitute approval, recommendation, or endorsement of any CCF by the Department of Social Services or the State of Connecticut, nor does such registration evidence the accuracy or completeness of the information in the Disclosure Statement.