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Other Helpful Information

Filing and Paying by Mail

Those granted an electronic filing and payment waiver may file by paper and make payment by check. Complete this return in blue or black ink only. Do not use staples. To request a one-year waiver from the electronic filing requirement, visit portal.ct.gov/DRS and complete Form DRSEWVR, Electronic Filing and Payment Waiver Request. Please note that each form is year specific. To prevent any delay in processing your return, the correct year’s form must be submitted to DRS. If you pay by mail, make check payable to Commissioner of Revenue Services. To ensure payment is applied to your account, write “2023 Form 207F” and your Connecticut Tax Registration Number on the front of your check. DRS may submit your check to your bank electronically.

Mail paper return to:

Department of Revenue Services
State of Connecticut
PO Box 2990
Hartford CT 06104-2990

Attachments: Attach the following to this return:

  • A copy of Schedule T, as filed with the Connecticut Insurance Department;
  • Connecticut state business page from the Annual Statement filed with the Connecticut Insurance Department;
  • 2023 Schedule GAA, if applicable;
  • 2023 Form 207I, if applicable;
  • 2023 Form CT‑207K, if applicable;
  • Any forms, certificates, and/or supporting documents required to claim credits, if applicable; and
  • Forms and worksheets required for the retaliatory calculation.

Requesting a Refund for the Student Loan Payment Tax Credit

Credit to be Issued in the Form of a Refund Application Procedure

Check the Yes box if the insurance company is requesting a refund for the Student Loan Payment tax credit available under Conn. Gen. Stat. § 12‑217qq. Enter the amount of credit refund requested in the space provided on Page 1 of Form 207F. File Form CT‑RSLP, Application for Refund of Student Loan Payment Tax Credits by a Qualified Small Business, separately from Form 207F. Attach Form CT‑SLP, Student Loan Payment Tax Credit, and all required supporting schedules and documentation to Form CT‑RSLP. At the same time as filing Form 207F, mail the completed application and supporting information to:

Department of Revenue Services
State of Connecticut
PO Box 150420
Hartford, CT 06115-0420

Waiver of Penalty

To make a penalty waiver request, complete and submit Form DRS-PW, Request for Waiver of Civil Penalty, to the DRS Operation Bureau/Penalty Waiver through myconneCT, by mail, or fax.

For more information about the penalty waiver process, see Penalty Waiver Request, Offer of Compromise or Protest.

Rounding Off to Whole Dollars

You must round off cents to the nearest whole dollar on your return and schedules. If you do not round, DRS will disregard the cents. Round down to the next lowest dollar all amounts that include 1 through 49 cents. Round up to the next highest dollar all amounts that include 50 through 99 cents. However, if you need to add two or more amounts to compute the amount to enter on a line, include cents and round off only the total.

Example: Add two amounts ($1.29+$3.21) to compute the total ($4.50) to enter on a line. $4.50 is rounded to $5.00 and entered on a line.


Keep a copy of the tax return, worksheets, and records of all items appearing on the return until the statute of limitations expires for that return. Usually, this is three years from the date the return was due or filed, whichever is later.


The treasurer of the company, or a principal officer of the company, must sign Form 207F, Connecticut Insurance Premiums Tax Return - Nonresident and Foreign Companies.

Paid Preparer

A paid preparer must sign and date Form 207F. Paid preparers must also enter their Social Security Number (SSN) or Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and their firm’s Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN) in the spaces provided.

Power of Attorney

To authorize one or more individuals to represent you or your business before the Department of Revenue Services (DRS), use LGL-001, Power of Attorney. This authorization allows your representative(s) to receive and inspect confidential tax information and to act on your behalf in matters before DRS.

Submit LGL-001 electronically by sending it to DRS through a secure web message in myconneCT. Log in to myconneCT, open the More … menu, locate the Correspondence group and click the Send a Message hyperlink.

Change of Address

Taxpayers can change their address through myconneCT.

  1. Log in to myconneCT.
  2. Open the More... menu.
  3. Locate the Taxpayer Updates group and click the Manage Names & Addresses hyperlink.
  4. Continue to follow the prompts on the screen.