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This information is not current and is being provided for reference purposes only


This TSSN is obsoleted by AN 94(2)

March 1991

Dear Taxpayer:

This letter contains important information concerning the Connecticut Nonresident Capital Gains Tax. According to the Real Estate Conveyance Tax file of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, you are a nonresident who sold real property in Connecticut during 1990.

In accordance with Public Act 90-148, a nonresident individual recognizing, for federal income tax purposes, capital gains income from the sale or exchange of real property located in Connecticut on or after January 1, 1990 is subject to the Connecticut Nonresident Capital Gains Tax. The tax also applies to a nonresident individual who is a partner in a partnership that sells or exchanges Connecticut real property. (Similar rules apply to a Connecticut individual who is a shareholder in an S Corporation or a beneficiary of a trust or estate.)

Taxpayers who resided in Connecticut for part of the tax year may be required to file both a part-year resident return, Form 394PY, to report capital gains, dividends and interest income received or accrued during Connecticut residency; and a nonresident return, Form 394NR, to report only those capital gains from the sale of Connecticut real property recognized while a nonresident. Copies of these Forms and instructions explaining the taxes are enclosed for your convenience. The filing deadline for Form 394PY and Form 394NR is April 15, 1991.


Allan A. Crystal



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TSSN-46 (New 3/91)