General Statutes    
 Section 4-106 Treatment of venereal diseases in hospitals receiving state aid.
 Section 7-61 Birth and fetal death certificates to state whether blood test has been made.
 Section 18-94 (Formerly sec. 17-16).  Retention of diseased inmates in correctional or charitable institutions.
 Section 19a-25 (Formerly sec. 19-6a).  Confidentiality of records procured by the Department of Public Health or directors of health of towns, cities or boroughs.
 Section 19a-55 (Formerly Sec. 19a-21b). Newborn Infant Health Screening.
 Section 19a-90 (Formerly sec. 19-47).  Blood tests of pregnant women for syphilis.
 Section 19a-103 (Formerly sec. 19-60).  Control of communicable diseases in institutions.
 Section 19a-215 (Formerly sec. 19-89).  Reports of diseases on the commissioner's list of reportable diseases and laboratory findings.  Confidentiality.  Fines.
 Section 19a-216 (Formerly sec. 19-89a).  Examination and treatment of minors for venereal disease.  Confidentiality.  Liability for costs.
 Section 19a-216a Examination and treatment of persons at communicable disease control clinics.  Confidentiality.
 Section 19a-219 (Formerly sec. 19-92).  Prevention of blindness in newborn infants.
 Section 19a-584 Informing and warning of known partners of possible exposure to the HIV virus.
 Section 19a-585 Requirements for disclosure of HIV-related information.
 Section 21-7 Exhibits relating to venereal diseases.
 Section 21a-114 (Formerly sec. 19-233).  When advertisement of drugs and devices deemed to be false.
 Section 21a-157 (Formerly sec. 19-289).  Communicable diseases bar to employment. Examination.
 Section 46b-26 (Formerly sec. 46-5c).  Test for venereal disease and rubella prerequisite.
 Section 54-102a (Formerly sec. 53a-90).  Venereal examination and HIV testing of persons charged with certain sexual offenses.
 Section 54-102b HIV testing of persons convicted of certain sexual offenses.
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Public Health Codes (PDF)
 Section 19a-36-A2 List of reportable diseases and laboratory findings.
 Section 19a-36-A3 Persons required to report reportable diseases and laboratory findings.
 Section 19a-36-A4 Content of report and reporting of reportable diseases and laboratory findings.
 Section 19a-36-A5 Confidentiality of data.
 Section 19a-36-A6 Investigation and control of reportable diseases and outbreaks by the department.
 Section 19a-36-A10 Presumably exposed persons may be examined and controlled.
 Section 19a-36-A15 Control of venereal disease.
 Section 19a-36-A16 Control of refractory persons affected with venereal diseases.
 Section 19a-36-A35 Standard tests for syphilis.
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