Teens TalkingAbstinence-Only Education is a program which teaches abstinence from sexual activity as the only effective way to avoid teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. No other birth control methods are discussed, or topics related to sexuality are discussed. This approach emphasizes social values and moral character development

Abstinence-based education is comprehensive in that, while the program encourages abstinence from sexual activity, it acknowledges that some teens might choose to become sexually active. Abstinence based programs inform young people about human sexuality, contraceptives, condom use, abortion, homosexuality, and how to say "no" to sex.

The intent is to provide Abstinence-Only education to youths with the purpose of preventing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Pre teens and teenagers are eligible to participate in Abstinence Only Education programs. Connecticut is targeting 9-14 year old youth with the goal of reducing the consequences of sexual activity among teens aged 15 to 17 years.

Where appropriate, the agencies providing community based abstinence education can also offer mentoring, counseling, and adult supervision.