For Local Health Departments


Triggers that Require LHD Response

Child EBLL: child has one venous test result ≥ 20 micrograms/deciliter

  • Conduct an epidemiological investigation (comprehensive lead inspection, epidemiological investigation form)
  • The medical provider must conduct a follow-up venous blood test within 3 months

Child EBLL: child has two venous test results of 15-19 micrograms/deciliter taken at least 90 days apart

  • Conduct a comprehensive lead inspection
    • Epidemiological investigation form is not required but it is recommended
  • The medical provider must conduct a follow-up venous within 3 months    
Local Health Department Regulatory Response & Reporting

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Educational Materials

Cleaning Lead Dust:

Order Form to Request Educational Materials from DPH

Statutes and Regulations relating to lead

Lead Inspection
Lead Abatement
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EPAs RRP Violation Report Form

10/30/2018 Training for Code Enforcement Officials Regarding Steps to Achieving Compliance for Lead Cases


Lead, Radon and Healthy Homes Semi-annual Meetings


National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week