Healthy Environments in Connecticut Schools 



Poor indoor environmental quality in schools is a major public health issue both nationally and in Connecticut. Our Department has been working closely with other agencies and organizations to address this problem. One important strategy is to encourage schools to implement the Environmental Protection Agency's Tools for Schools (TfS) program. 

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH), along with a number of agencies and organizations formed a consortium - Connecticut School Indoor Environment Resource Team  (CSIERT) - to promote the Tools for Schools Program.  


The website for CSIERT is



Does your school district have an active Tools for Schools (TfS) program? 

Click on the TfS Connecticut School Districts Map below to see what districts have implemented the program.



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School Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – The Basics

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Information for Parents

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Information for Teachers

School Laws and Regulations


Tools for Techs – (Technical High Schools IEQ Program)

The Tools for Techs Program was initiated with pilot funding from the American Federation of Teachers and the CT State Department of Education with two goals in mind:  the development of trade-specific checklists and the enhancement of the walkthrough training program so that teams from Technical High Schools could address the control of emissions from the technical trades.

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Tools for Schools in CT-Publications

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For More Information on Healthy Environments in Connecticut Schools, see the following Resources:

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