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Drinking Water Security and Emergency Response

The DWS has developed various materials regarding drinking water security and emergency response. The resources and links we’ve provided will enable CT’s public drinking water system staff to access model emergency response plans, security experts, and other critical security tools that can be integrated into daily operational procedures. In addition to the development of materials, the DWS has also partnered with the CT Section of the American Water Works Association, other CT State agencies and public water system representatives, to create the CT Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, or CTWARN. The CTWARN enables water and wastewater systems in CT to restore facilities damaged by natural or man-made incidents by sharing resources with other member systems. Additional information on this free service can be found at In the event that the DWS receives notice of a credible threat to water system infrastructure or water quality, impacted parties will be notified immediately. The DWS uses a Wide Area Notification System or “WANS”. To assure prompt notification please inform the DWS of any changes to your system’s contact information. For more information about the DPH/DWS’s emergency communication notification systems and a WANS Contact Information Form please see the Statewide CWS Security & Emergency Communication Notification System.