Are my unemployment benefits taxable?

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Tax form UC-1099G

Unemployment benefits are taxable by the federal government (IRS) and the State of Connecticut.

You may choose to have income tax payments withheld from your weekly benefit payments. You can do this when you first apply or at any time after. For details on tax withholding, please contact a tax professional or read the pamphlet Voluntary Withholding of Income Tax (UC-620), which is available at any American Job Center. More information is available in the Claimant’s Guide.


Unemployment filers receive form 1099G which shows unemployment-related payments for the previous year, including the amounts for:

  • Unemployment benefits you received
  • Any benefit repayments you made
  • Any federal and state taxes withheld

This information is also provided to the IRS and the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

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