Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) Program

History: P. A. 98-263 created the Resident Service Coordinator Program.

Purpose: To assist residents in state-assisted elderly housing developments to maintain an independent living status.

Source of Funding: General Fund

Process:  Based on available appropriations, the Commissioner awards grants to housing authorities, municipal developers and nonprofit corporations operating elderly housing projects pursuant to part VI of chapter 128 of the general statutes based on demonstration of need and availability of matching funds.

Grants are used to: (1) hire resident services coordinators to assist residents of such housing to maintain an independent living status, (2) assess the individual needs of residents of such housing for the purpose of establishing and maintaining support services, (3) maintain regular contact with residents of such housing, (4) monitor the delivery of support services to residents, (5) advocate changes in services sought or required by the residents, and (6) provide mediation and conflict resolution services.


RSC Master Assistance Agreement

RSC Management Plan Signature Page (Exhibit A: Page 1)   

RSC Management Plan (Exhibit A: Page 2)       

RSC Functional Assessment Intake Form (Exhibit B)   

RSC Quarterly Report (Exhibit C)

RSC Year End Narrative Report (Exhibit D)

DOH RSC Request for Payment Form

RSC Job Description and Responsibilities

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Statutory Link
: Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 128, Section 8-114d

Regulatory Link: Not Applicable

Resident Service Coordinator Resource Guidebook