HOME CHDO Certification Application

The State of Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) is accepting applications from organizations to award certification status as Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs).  In accordance with the provisions of 24 C.F.R. Part 92, at least 15% of the State of Connecticut’s annual allocation of HOME funds must be set aside for specific activities to be undertaken by CHDOs.  Increased access to financing benefits CHDOs considerably in their community development initiatives and capacity building strategies. 

In 2013, HUD published the New HOME Final Rule that made significant changes to the CHDO Certification and set aside reservation requirements. To qualify as a CHDO, a nonprofit must have paid staff whose experience qualifies them to undertake CHDO set-aside activities.  Capacity cannot be demonstrated by use of a consultant, except in the first year that a CHDO is operational.  In addition, each time DOH commits CHDO set aside funds, it must certify a nonprofit’s qualifications to be a CHDO and its capacity to own, sponsor, or develop housing. DOH may no longer make CHDO reservations to organizations; reservations must be made to specific CHDO eligible projects.

Eligible Applicants:

Private nonprofit, community–based service organizations that meet the CHDO eligibility criteria outlined in Section I. of the CHDO Certification application materials are eligible to apply. CHDOs must be organized under State and local law, meet the board composition requirements, have a history of serving a specified geographic area (not the whole State), and meet the capacity and experience requirements.

CHDO Eligible Projects:

A CHDO Certification application must identify the CHDO eligible project for which the applicant is requesting set aside funds. CHDO eligible projects must meet the HOME CHDO set aside requirements under 24 CFR Part 92.

Funding Source:

The CHDO Certification application process is not a request for funding. However, CHDO Certification applications are required in order to access set aside funds. CHDO applicants may submit an application for a CHDO eligible project through any DOH funding round.
The funding source for CHDO eligible projects is provided through the HUD HOME Investment Partnerships Program. Such funding is subject to the requirements of 24 C.F.R. Part 92 including the limitation that such funds serve persons and families whose household incomes do not exceed 80% of the applicable area median income.  All proposed projects must be eligible under 24 C.F.R. Part 92.

Application Submission Instructions and Requirements:

All application materials must be submitted via electronic submission to DOH.

   •    CHDO Certification Application
   •    Funding Round for which you are applying for CHDO set aside funds (e.g. CHAMP 10)
   •    Is the CHDO eligible project utilizing LIHTCs? 
   •    Project Name
   •    Company Name
   •    Primary Contact Name
   •    Primary Contact Email
   •    Primary Contact Phone

Applicants will subsequently receive an email from the system administrator that contains a link to the SharePoint website.

Application Deadline:

CHDO Certification applications will only be reviewed at the time an application for funding to DOH for a CHDO eligible project has been submitted and is under review.

HOME CHDO Certification Documents/ Resources: