Congregate Facilities Operating Cost Program
History: P.A. 77-582 created the Congregate Housing for the Elderly program. The program responded to a growing segment of the older population who, because of increasing age, infirmity and other functional limitations, are not able to perform all personal and household functions associated with complete independent living.
Purpose: The program provides grants, interim loans, permanent loans, deferred loans or any combination thereof for the development of congregate housing for frail elderly persons. Additionally, subject to available appropriations, the Commissioner may provide financial assist to offset the cost of congregate services in state-financed congregate housing for frail elderly persons. Congregate services include one main meal a day, housekeeping services, and a 24-hour emergency service to enable semi-independent living in a residential setting.

Source of Funding: General Fund (operating subsidies only)

Process: Based on annual appropriations, any sponsor of state-assisted congregate housing may apply for a congregate services operating subsidy grant to offset the costs of congregate services not paid for by the tenants. All tenants will be required to pay an amount toward congregate services costs, based on their net income after allowances and after they pay minimum rent, in accordance with a formula approved by the Commissioner. Congregate services charges, together with any available congregate subsidy grant or other available income, shall generate sufficient income to meet the costs of the congregate services. The program also provides rental assistance for those tenants who pay no more than 30% of their adjusted gross income toward rent.

Statutory Link: Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 128, Section 8-119l

Regulatory Link:  Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, Sec. 8-119g-1 through Sec. 8-119g-15

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