Connecticut Opportunity Map
Opportunity mapping is a way to look at neighborhood resources and outcomes such as school performance, poverty concentration, safety and more.

Where you live affects your access to opportunity -- and this can be mapped.

Opportunity mapping is an analytical tool that deepens our understanding of "opportunity" dynamics within regions. The goal of opportunity mapping is to identify opportunity-rich and opportunity isolated communities. With a basic understanding of the geography of opportunity we can then better determine who has access to opportunity resources and how to remedy opportunity inequality. Mapping can help guide community investments and help people in historically disenfranchised groups connect to areas that are thriving. Often the designation of a community as lower opportunity, or opportunity-isolated, is a reflection of the history of discriminatory policy and disinvestment in those communities.

Subsidized units are a compilation of the best available data on government-subsidized units in Connecticut, including the 2012 Preservation List, Affordable Housing Appeals List 2015, and Low Income Housing Tax Credit units as compiled by Open Communities Alliance.

You can access the Connecticut Opportunity Map by following this link.