Release or Subordination of Lien

There are many programs funded through the Department of Housing (DOH) that may require that a lien be placed on a homeowner’s property. The following is a list of the most common programs funded though DOH, which may require a release or subordination of lien:

Down Payment Assistance Program loans made by DOH prior to 1992 
Corporation for Independent Living – Loans and Grants for Accessibility Program/Money Follows the Person
HazMat Hartford Lead Program
Community Renewal Team – My Home Solutions
Habitat for Humanity Affordable Homeownership Program
Land Bank Land Trust (LBLT)
Senior Emergency Repair Program

This above list is not intended to be all-inclusive. 

If you are requesting a release of lien from any of the programs listed above, please be sure you have the following documents available:

copy of the Recorded Mortgage Deed that includes a description of the property
copy of the Recorded Assignment of Mortgage 
copy of the Recorded Declaration of Restrictive Covenant 
mortgage refinancing information, i.e. Title Search, Loan Agreement

If you are requesting an approval for sale of a LBLT property:


• Recent Appraisal Report
• Completed Sales Price Calculation Form 
• Invoices and Receipts of all eligible improvements made to the property 
• Assessor's Property Record Card
• Once a buyer is selected, an affidavit of income form

If you are requesting a subordination, please see the DOH Subordination Requirements by selecting this link.

All requests for Releases or Subordinations of DOH loans, along with required documents from the list above, can be emailed to Paula Thantaha-Christensen at and Beth Generali at