"Second Chance" Large Animal Rehabilitation Facility
Connecticut Department of Agriculture
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 702, Hartford, CT  06103
Phone: (860) 713-2506  Fax: (860) 706-5748  Email:  agr.animalcontrol@ct.gov

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horse and goats recoperated at facility
The Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Regulatory Services, under the direction of Dr. Bruce Sherman, is charged with the prevention of cruelty to and seizure of abused animals per Connecticut General Statutes Sections 22-329, 22-329a.
Second Chance Facility
In 2002, the agency constructed a large animal rehabilitation facility designed to hold horses and other large animals that have been seized in cases of animal cruelty.  The driving force behind this initiative is the desire to respond faster to large animal cruelty cases.
The barn was completed in the summer of 2003 and consists of 22, 10' x 10' stalls.  It is complemented by paddocks and pasture.  Over 200 horses and a number of other livestock have been through the facility.  In 2015, an additional barn was added to the property, doubling the number of stalls available.
Located at York Correctional Facility in Niantic, "Second Chance" is a collaborative effort between the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Corrections.  Inmates from York Correctional can volunteer to receive minimal pay and work in partnership with agency personnel.  The program is beneficial to both the animals and inmates as they work towards their individual rehabilitation.
foal afterBefore: At the time of seizure.
       horse after After: After rehabilitation
Mother Lighting and foal Thunder born at Second Chance

Donations to help offset costs to care for neglected or cruelly treated animals can be made by sending a check to:


c/o Connecticut Department of Agriculture

450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 702

Hartford, CT  06103

Mother Lightning and foal Thunder who was born on 3/25/2012 at Second Chance.

The Second Chance Animal Adoption Program is a program administered by the State Animal Control Division. For more information, please contact AGR.AnimalControl@ct.gov or call 860-713-2506.