Farmland Restoration, Climate Resiliency & Preparedness (RRP) Grant


The following entities are eligible to apply for the RRP Grant:

  1. Agricultural producers, who are owners or tenants of an existing agribusiness within the State of Connecticut with at least one year of production experience.
  2. Nonprofit organizations directly involved in production agriculture.

Eligible applicants can apply to either Group A or Group B as appropriate.

Producers operating on land leased from municipalities, land trusts, or nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply.

Producers must be registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State if they operate as a separate business entity in the State of Connecticut (this excludes sole proprietorships and general partnerships). If the producer is established as a business entity with the Secretary of State, the producer must obtain or be applying to obtain a Farmer’s Tax Exemption Permit.  Farms should be a business in good standing with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (DOAG), State, and Federal requirements.  Nonprofit organizations must be registered with the Connecticut Secretary of State and provide a copy of the federal IRS exemption letter.