MOU and Contract Resources

The Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security often enters into agreement or contract with a variety of entities including municipalities, non-profit organizations and private sector entities. These contracts may be for the purposes of granting funds to further enhance statewide capabilities or partnering with an outside organization to provide a service.

Key MOU's and Contracts

The following are key contracts that DEMHS has entered into to provide services and support during emergencies and disaster situations.

Custodial Ownership

DEMHS enters into agreements with municipalities and regional partners in order to enhance the capabilities across the state to prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency situation or disaster in the State of Connecticut. Please see below for additional guidance regarding custodial ownership.

  • Example of Omnibus

Municipal Blanket Resolution

The Blanket Resolution was developed to reduce the number of resolutions a municipality is required to enter into prior to applying for a grant  or entering into a contract with the Division of Emergency Management Homeland Security. As long as this blanket resolution has been passed and the authorized official indicated on the Blanket Resolution remains in office this resolution may be accepted by the DEMHS.

  • A certified copy of the blanket resolution must be attached to the contract (MOU, Notice of Grant Award) or application document with a tactile seal.
  • The individual signing the contract (MOU, Notice of Grant Awar etc.) must match the individual indicated on the municipal blanket resolution.