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RFP for the Financing, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a Waste Recycling and Disposal Project

In 2014 Connecticut Governor Malloy signed Public Act 14-94, calling for the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT-DEEP), in consultation with the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA, formerly Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority or CRRA) to solicit proposals for the redevelopment of the Connecticut Solid Waste System Project.

The Connecticut Solid Waste System Project includes the CSWS Resource Recovery Facility in Hartford (formerly known as MidConnecticut RRF), The MIRA/ReCommunity Materials Recovery Facility in Hartford, and transfer stations in Watertown, Torrington, Essex, and Ellington. 

Through this RFP, MIRA has made available its CSWSP sites and contracted tonnages for the development of a new system, including new technologies that will assist the state in reaching its goal to divert 60% of materials from disposal by landfill or combustion. Following the selection of a final proposal, MIRA will enter into agreements with the selected developer to execute the project.

MIRA 2020/2021 Operational Plans and DEEP Response


DEEP Closes Rediscovery RFP Process

DEEP Selects Final Proposal for Phase II of the Rediscovery RFP

On December 31, 2017, DEEP selected the Sacyr Rooney Development Team from among the three finalists for the Rediscovery RFP.  More information regarding this action by DEEP is provided in the following links:

Public Notice, Public Meeting, and Public Comment on Request for Proposals for Phase II

Request for Proposals for Phase II (Rev. 3/31/2017)

Announcement of Selection of Phase I Finalists (9/23/2016)
This announcement identifies the three finalists that were selected from those that submitted Proposals pursuant to the RFP (see below for more information regarding the RFP).  These three finalists will be invited to compete in a final selection process, expected to conclude in late 2017. DEEP may then direct the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) to enter into an agreement with the selected developer.

Request For Proposals for Phase I

Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions

Hartford Community Meeting PowerPoint Presentation (10/15/15)

Pre-Proposal Conference PowerPoint Presentation (11/17/15 and 12/1/15)


Additional Resources:

  • List of Contracted Towns
  • Description of Municipal Contracts
  • Permits and Operation and Maintenance Plans for Accepted Facilities
  • DEEP Solid Waste Management Plan
  • Information on 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan RevisionsMIRA web page
  • RFP Listserv

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