Connecticut's Electronic Recycling Law

CT State Capitol In July of 2007, the State of Connecticut was one of the first in a growing list of states that adopted an Electronics Recycling Law concerning the recycling of household electronic waste (e-waste). This law enables Connecticut to better manage an ever-growing portion of the solid waste stream. Under this e-waste law, residents will have convenient and free opportunities to recycle their computers, printers, televisions and monitors; and manufacturers will finance the transportation and recycling of them. Retailers will be required to inform their customers about electronics recycling options, and will only be allowed to sell these products from manufacturers that have registered with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). There will also be a disposal ban on these devices as of January 1, 2011. The DEEP will continue to provide updated information through its website to all participants (residents, municipalities, manufacturers, recyclers, retailers) on the details of the state-wide electronics recycling program as it becomes available. Follow the links below to learn more. Notice of 60-day Recycler Open Application Period
This notice pertains to: 1) prospective electronics recyclers interested in submitting a new application to become a Connecticut-approved Covered Electronic Recycler (CER); and 2) existing CERs interested in submitting a renewal application to renew their existing approval. New applications & renewals must be submitted to DEEP during the period of January 18, 2024 through March 18, 2024.
Municipal Information
2022 Report on E-Waste Recycling Program List of Approved Recycler Prices List of Approved Electronics Recyclers List of Registered Electronics Manufacturers 

Information for Retailers

The retail sale of Covered Electronic Devices (i.e., televisions, monitors, printers and computers) marketed by manufacturers that are not in compliance with the requirements of the state’s e-waste law is prohibited. Retailers need to consult the list of compliant manufacturers to ensure that only compliant brands are sold. Additionally, DEEP also maintains a "Do Not Sell" list of Non-compliant Electronics Manufacturers for the benefit of retailers.   
Retailers are also required to provide e-waste recycling information to their customers at the time of sale. The DEEP has developed this information, which includes a website and toll-free telephone number, and has provided it to the retailers.

Forms and Instructions

DEEP has developed forms and instructions specific to each public and private sector involved with electronics collection in Connecticut.  Please visit the relevant webpage below to find the forms pertinent to your involvement with e-waste collection and recycling.

Regulations Governing E-Waste


If you have any questions concerning the state-wide electronics recycling program, please call the DEEP Recycling Program at 860-424-3366 or send an email to the E-Waste Program.

Last Updated June 13, 2024