Radioactive Waste Disposal and Environmental Monitoring

image of drums with radioactive wasteRadioactive Waste Disposal

Radioactive waste disposal is a complex issue. The DEEP monitors low level and high level radioactive waste, including nuclear fuel storage at nuclear power facilities in Connecticut. Monitoring of these materials will continue until they are disposed of outside of the State.

Decommissioning of Facilities that Used Radioactive MaterialPlans for the decommissioning of facilities that used radioactive material must be reviewed and approved by the DEEP. Through review, modeling and on-site radiological sampling and monitoring, the DEEP ensures that facilities comply with the DEEP's radiological remediation standards.

Remediation Standards for Radionuclide Contamination

United Nuclear Site: Impaired Property to Community Asset - Youtube

Environmental Monitoring

The state’s environment is monitored for the buildup of radioactive material. Activities are concentrated in the vicinity of the State’s nuclear power facilities, but are not exclusive to these facilities.

The environmental monitoring includes the sampling and radiological analysis of fish, shellfish, produce, milk, ground water, sea water, river water, sediment, soil, and vegetation. Ambient radiation monitoring is also performed at approximately 20 locations throughout the state.

For further information, please contact the Radiation Division at 860-424-3029.

Content Last Updated October 2021