2024 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide

Hunting Opportunities for the Disabled

Connecticut laws provide special provisions for disabled hunters as do many programs administered by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Questions concerning special permits should be directed to the Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011 or deep.wildlife@ct.gov.

CGS Sec. 26-29b: provides a free hunting license (permits and stamps not included) to Connecticut residents who have lost one or more limbs or have permanently lost the use of one or more limbs. These licenses are available at select DEEP and town clerk offices. Non-residents are eligible for this free license if their state provides the same privilege to Connecticut residents. Verification of the disability, signed by a licensed physician, must be presented.

CGS Sec. 26-74: allows a person to obtain a special permit to hunt legally from an all-terrain vehicle so long as they do not possess or shoot a loaded hunting implement while the vehicle is in motion. Note: 4-wheel drive trucks, vans, SUV’s, etc. are not considered all-terrain vehicles. Eligible persons must be paraplegic or suffer from the loss of or the loss of the use of both lower extremities.

State Land Access

Disabled hunters wanting to access state land with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or who have a question about free hunting licenses or shooting from an ATV should call the Wildlife Division at 860-424-3032 (western CT) or 860-424-4144 (eastern CT) for more information.

Finding Places to Hunt

Use the CT Interactive Public Hunting Area Map to find areas where there is adequate access for persons with disabilities.

The 2024 Public Hunting Area List from the printed version of the guide includes information on type of hunting permitted, town, acreage, and any special conditions.

MOU Between CT DEEP and MassWildlife

The CT DEEP and MassWildlife have finalized a Memorandum of Understanding which establishes that both states (Connecticut and Massachusetts), pursuant to their respective authorities (Section 26-29b of the CGS and Massachusetts GL c 131 Subsection 11), agree to issue free inland fishing and hunting, or combination inland fishing and hunting licenses to a resident of the other state who is the holder of a valid hunting, fishing, or combination inland fishing and hunting license issued to them by their state of residency that specifies that said individual is paraplegic. The individual must, however, still purchase any necessary permits or stamps required by either Massachusetts or Connecticut.

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Content last updated on November 28, 2023.