Connecticut Harbor Management Commissions

In Connecticut, municipal harbor management commissions may be established in any municipality having navigable waters within its limits as set forth in Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 22a-113k. Any harbor management commission established under this section may adopt an ordinance that designates the area within the territorial limits of the municipality and below the mean high water that shall be within the jurisdiction of the commission and sets forth the number of members of a commission, their method of selection, terms of office and procedure for filling any vacancy. Any two or more municipalities whose common boundaries lie within navigable waters may by concurrent ordinances of their legislative bodies, establish one or more harbor management commissions.

Harbor Management Commissions have the power to enter into contracts, employ consultants and other assistants and receive and expend funds for equipment, supplies and staff to carry out their duties.

Harbor Management Commissions may prepare a harbor management plan for the most desirable use of the harbor for recreational, commercial, industrial or other purposes. The plan must provide for the preservation and use of the coastal resources of the harbor in a manner consistent with the provisions of sections 22a-90 to 22a-111 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Harbor management plans are approved by the Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Port Authority, and are reviewed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for review, comments, and recommendations. Harbor management commissions work with state appointed harbor masters.

The current directory of Harbor Management Commissions in Connecticut provides links to municipal websites and harbor management plans.

For more information, please contact the DEEP's Land and Water Resources Division at 860-424-3019.

Boats near Calves Island, Old Lyme, CT

Boats moored near Calves Island, Old Lyme, CT.
Photo credit to the Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission.



Content last updated on June 16, 2022