Safe Boating Course Agents (Private Providers)

Approved Safe Boating Course Agents are organizations that are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the State of Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) to teach boating education that will lead to a Connecticut certification. The Private Providers listed in the link below are approved by NASBLA and Connecticut DEEP to provide courses in Connecticut.

Boating Classes and Private Providers 


Becoming a Private Provider

A company must be NASBLA and CT DEEP approved to teach a boating education course that leads to students obtaining a Connecticut Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation. In order to be a private provider and offer a class that qualifies students to earn their CT Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (boating license) you must:  

  • Develop a course and seek approval of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA Course Approval - NASBLA). Approval from NASBLA does not guarantee CT approval.
  • Obtain the CT specific materials and incorporate them into the course. After contacting NASBLA and initiating the course approval process, the NASBLA education coordinator will reach out to the CT DEEP Boating Division Education team via email. At that point, the required CT specific materials will be provided to you to integrate into your course. At minimum, your course must provide at least 8 hours of classroom instruction (virtual or physical classrooms are permitted), and include a proctored, closed-book exam. 
  • All of your instructors must complete the CT DEEP Basic Boating/Personal Watercraft Private Provider Instructor Application and sign and adhere to the policies and procedures.  
  • After an instructor submits an application, the company email the applicant provides will receive an email requesting confirmation that this applicant is one of your instructors. Follow the directions in the email to approve the instructor. DEEP will follow up with an instructor number.  
  • To remain in good standing, at least one representative from your company must attend an annual private provider recertification update and sign the annual commitment to adhere to the policies and procedures for the company.

Note the following in NASBLA's Boating Education Course Review and Approval Procedure:

Page 2. Section 3. State Review: 

"The State Boating Law Administrator (BLA), or their designee, will review the course and accompanying materials for accuracy, correctness, and sufficient content in the coverage of the state-specific information. If the state reviewer finds that the course is deficient in meeting the state-specific content, the reviewer will notify the course provider of the deficiencies." 

"NOTE: A state may require additional content beyond what is listed in Section 10. If the course is sufficient in meeting the state requirements, the state reviewer will sign the application form and send it to NASBLA. NASBLA will provide final notification to the course provider. Additional charges may apply." 

Page 3, Section 4:

" NASBLA approval means the course has been found to conform to the indicated national boating standard only and does not mean a state has accepted a course for delivery in that state. No state is required to recognize, accept, or endorse any course that has been approved by NASBLA. NASBLA maintains and provides a list of NASBLA Approved courses on NASBLA’s website." 








Last Updated February 28, 2024