Explore Transportation Resources

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  • Air Cargo

    Learn about Bradley International Airport’s location and infrastructure, making it a great option for freight forwarders and other cargo professionals.

  • Bus

    Discover Connecticut bus services, including a variety of local and express routes throughout most major metropolitan areas, plus regional and interregional services between different areas of the state.

  • Carpool

    Cut the cost of commuting in half and save wear and tear on your car with CTrides and their free online ridematching program.

  • Employer Services

    Explore the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s (CTDOT) family of commuter services designed to meet the needs of Connecticut employers.

  • Train

    Learn more about the Hartford and Shore Line stations, operating two rail services for fast and easy travel along two major corridors.

  • Transportation Maps

    Access the Department of Transportation's maps.

  • Vanpool

    Discover the benefits of the vanpool program, for groups of 7 to 15 people traveling together to work in either in a minivan, 12 or 15-passenger van.