Recruit Talent

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  • Career Fairs

    Connect skilled and qualified job seekers with employment opportunities at local companies.


    See employment details, resumés, job seekers and more.

  • Hire Vets First

    Learn how veterans may receive reemployment services from trained staff at American Job Centers (AJCs) throughout the state, which include five comprehensive centers and several smaller, affiliate locations.

  • Recruitment Assistance

    Find recruitment assistance, training resources, labor market information and more.

  • Rehabilitation Services

    Explore vocational rehabilitation (VR) services through the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to help Connecticut residents with significant disabilities to find and keep employment.

  • Shared Work

    Discover a successful strategy to avoid layoffs during a business downturn.

  • Workforce Development Boards

    Locate the regional boards that assess employment and training needs and priorities, conduct planning for and coordinate programs that address those needs.