Section 106 Review and Compliance


The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 established all State Historic Preservation Offices. Among our many responsibilities is assisting federal agencies in compliance with the implementing regulations of this act, commonly known as Section 106 (36 CFR Part 800). Section 106 is a process that ensures historic preservation is taken into consideration during federal project planning. The process is summarized as initiate, identify, assess, and resolve: initiating consultations with SHPO and interested parties, identifying the scope of the project and historic resources, assessing the project impacts on historic properties, and resolving any harmful impacts.


If you would like to submit a project for review, please follow the instructions on this page


Catherine Labadia at (860) 500-2329 or

Todd Levine at (860) 500-2337 or

Marena Wisniewski at (860) 500-2357 or