Digital Media & Motion Picture Tax Credit

How to Use Adobe Reader Enabled Forms

Even if you have digitally completed a PDF form for a prior Film Grant, PLEASE READ OVER THESE INSTRUCTIONS AS NEW FEATURES HAVE BEEN ADDED. 

For the first time, new Adobe Reader Enabled forms will allow the end user to save typed information. This will allow our applicants to work on long applications or forms over several sessions, and have an electronic copy of the final application or form for their records. 

* If you do not have Adobe Reader, or if you have a version older than Adobe Reader 5.0, please visit Adobe’s website for the free software download, otherwise you WILL NOT be able to use the Reader Enabled forms *

  1. If you have an updated version of Adobe Reader, when you click on a form link from Film’s website, the chosen form will launch Reader automatically and appear on your screen. From the top toolbar menu, choose File. Scroll down and select Save As. This will open a dialogue box asking you to choose a place on your computer to save this file. Choose a place that you will remember later. Once you have selected the desired location, click the Save button.  
  2. If you DO NOT have an updated version of Adobe Reader, you may be asked to Save or Open the file when you click on the form link from Film’s website. Save the file in a location you will remember later, and visit Adobe’s website to download an updated version of the software before continuing.
  3. Launch Adobe Reader from either your desktop (if you have an icon) or the Start Menu (for PCs). Select File from the top toolbar and then choose Open . A dialogue box will appear in which you can browse your computer to find where you saved the Film form.
  4. Carefully read over any guidelines or instructions which may be included with the Film form. Each program is different and requires different information.
  5. In the upper right corner of the Adobe form window, note the button labeled Highlight Fields . This button will shade all fields in the form which you will need to complete. All applicable fields are required to be filled in accurately for your application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  *NOTE* Signature Fields will NOT be highlighted, as you need ORIGINAL Signatures and cannot digitally sign any Film Forms.
  6. While you cannot bold, italic, bullet, or otherwise apply Rich Text Formatting to information you type into digital PDF forms, you have the ability to Copy/Paste previously written narrative that may include Rich Text. You can only Copy/Paste Rich Text into the form’s narrative sections, as applicable. Any formatting from Microsoft Word or other word processing software will be kept in tact.
  7. Reader Enabled Forms allow you to save a digital copy of the document with your digitally typed information in tact. When you have completed the form, choose File from the top toolbar, and select Save a Copy. You can now revisit the document later to complete or revise your submission, print more copies, or simply archive the forms.
  8. When you are ready to submit the form to the Film office, print out a copy and be sure to sign any Signature Fields on the form. You must sign applications with black, or preferably, blue pen. APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE ORIGINAL SIGNATURES TO BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. You can now mail or hand deliver your form to the Film office. ELECTRONIC OR FAX SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 

Troubleshooting and FAQ’s:

The most common problems with fill-in forms occur because of inadequate user software. Visit Adobe’s website to download the most recent version of the Adobe Reader software before contacting Film staff or Adobe Help Desk. If the problem persists, contact the appropriate person for assistance.

Program managers are available to answer questions concerning program applications and forms. Please be sure you have read all instructions and guidelines associated with the application or form before you call. If you still need assistance, program manager’s contact information can be found on the Program Guidelines or on the Film website.

If you have a problem downloading software, launching Adobe Reader, opening, filling out, or saving forms, it is likely a software problem. Contact Adobe for assistance with the software.