Abandoned Brownfield Cleanup Program


The Abandoned Brownfield Cleanup Program (ABC) offers an opportunity for developers, who are not responsible for contamination, to be afforded liability relief from the responsibility to investigate and remediate off-site contamination provided that the projects meet certain economic development thresholds and remediation is completed under a formal DEEP program.


Property eligibility will be determined by DECD Commissioner in consultation with the DEEP Commissioner. Criteria include:

  • The property is a brownfield, as defined in section 32-9kk of the general statutes and such property has been unused or significantly underused since October 1, 1999;
  • The applicant intends to acquire title to such property for the purpose of redeveloping such property;
  • The redevelopment of such property has a regional or municipal economic development benefit;
  • The applicant is not affiliated or related with any of the past owners or operators of the property and is not liable for the pollution under section 22a-432 of the general statutes;
  • The applicant is not required by law, order or consent order to remediate property;
  • The potentially responsible party for the pollution is indeterminable, is no longer in existence or is otherwise unable to perform necessary remediation of such property; and
  • Other eligible criteria as determined by the DECD Commissioner.

Requirements of the applicant/eligible property upon designation by the DECD Commissioner.

  • Enter and remain in the voluntary remediation program established in section 22a-133x of the general statutes; 
  • The applicant will not be a certifying party for the property pursuant to section 22a-134 of the general statutes;
  • The applicant will investigate pollution on such property and remediate pollution on the property in accordance with regulations established for remediation adopted by the DEEP and in accordance with approved project schedules; and
  • Eliminate further migration of any pollution from such property.

How To Apply

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed in a periodic competitive process. 


Please email brownfields@ct.gov for more information.