About the Office of Business Development


The Office of Business Development (OBD) is the state's lead agency for the development and implementation of policies, strategies and programs that support business growth and innovation. It works closely with Connecticut businesses (and potential Connecticut businesses) to address their short and long-term needs while strengthening their overall competitiveness in the global marketplace.

OBD’s team of business advisors are the single point of contact for companies interested in taking advantage of the state’s many resources. Its responsive, hands-on project management approach is one of the keys to turning economic development plans and proposals into successful — and profitable — realities. 

Our Initiatives

  • Financing for businesses of all sizes, including funding for equity investment, fixed asset purchases of land, building acquisition, leasehold improvements, working capital, or the purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Tax credits & incentives at the state and local level, including corporate business credits and exemptions, real and personal property tax exemptions, sector-specific incentives and Enterprise Zones.
  • Site selection assistance, offering Connecticut’s most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of available commercial properties and their pertinent data
  • Workforce training support to give new or incumbent employees the skills they need to keep your business competitive
  • Technical support, from permitting assistance and export guidance to facilitation of R&D partnerships

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    For more information, please contact Kerron Vernon at (860) 977-2678 or at Kerron.vernon@ct.gov.