Government Contracting Support


The Department of Economic and Community Development partners with a number of organizations that are committed to helping small businesses, minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses compete more effectively for state contracts. These organizations facilitate access to certification programs, training workshops, bonding assistance and bidding opportunities.

Related Resources 

Procurement Technology Assistance Program (PTAP)
Provides one-on-one business counseling for state MBS and WBE certification programs. Offers workshops on procurement, estimation, bidding and completing the application process.

The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council (GNEMSDC) 
An excellent opportunity to meet with corporate buyers interested in working with qualified MBEs. Offers many formal and informal venues in which to learn about state and local bidding opportunities, and expand your professional network. 

Minority Business Enterprise Assistance Program (MBEAP)
GNEMSDC in collaboration with the Community Capital Corporation will manage a $2 million surety bond program, funded by DECD. This program is focused on the southern half of Connecticut and assists minority contractors in obtaining bid, performance and payment bonds for capital construction projects. Each guarantee cannot exceed $100,000 to serve as collateral to the surety company.

HEDCO Minority Business Enterprise Assistance Program (HMBEAP)
Assists businesses in obtaining surety bonds, including bid, performance and payment bonds and provides loans to assist contractors with funding during construction to increase their chances of meeting bidding requirements and successfully completing capital construction projects. This program is focused on MBEs located in the northern half of Connecticut.

HEDCO Minority Bonding Guaranty Program
Provides financial contingency for bonding to minority-owned construction firms. Funding assists businesses in obtaining payment, bid and performance bonds for construction projects statewide. Funding is used on a contingent basis against bond guaranteed losses.  

The State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services
Division of Construction Services directly Pre-Selects SBE/MBE Contractors, through a Qualifications Based Selection procedure, to be placed on a list to bid for Minor Capital Construction Projects. 

Connecticut Supplier Connection
Provides small and diverse suppliers with greater visibility and helps them compete for work with large buyers. For larger corporations seeking to expand their supply chain by adding small and diverse suppliers, the  Supplier Connection makes it easier to find and learn about prospective suppliers and adds efficiency to the buying process.