At present, the statute that established the legislation does not include grant funds. A variety of funding opportunities are available through the Connecticut Office of the Arts, the State Historic Preservation Office, Sustainable CT, and Connecticut Humanities.

Municipalities participating in Sustainable CT may be able to meet the criteria and received points for Action Item 3, Vibrant and Creative Cultural Ecosystems, through the Cultural District designation. Sustainable CT municipal participants are eligible to apply for Community Matching Funds. Community Matching Funds provide one-to-one matching funds for projects that align with Sustainable CT actions and Community Match Fund projects helps towns earn points towards certification.

Marketing resources may be available through the CT Office of Tourism or through one of Connecticut's Tourism Districts

Overview: Cultural Districts Legislative Statute - An Act Concerning the Establishment of Municipal Cultural Districts
  • Municipality (town, city, borough, consolidated town and city, consolidated town and borough)
  • Municipality must vote to approve
  • 1 or more Cultural Districts
  • “to promote the educational, cultural, economic and general welfare of the public through the marketing of arts and culture attractions, the encouragement of artists and artistic and cultural enterprises and the promotion of tourism.”
  • Once approved, municipality must establish a Cultural District commission. DECD shall determine the number of members to serve on the commission, and the manner in which they are appointed, and in what way any vacancy will be filled
  • Once appointed, commissions may exercise any power and perform any duty necessary or desirable for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this section, including (but not limited to):
    • Consulting / collaborating with commissioner and DRSO for assistance with marketing, advocacy and other efforts
    • Applying for or soliciting and accepting any grant, contribution, gift, bequest, devise or other donation from any source

Cultural District Overview Presentation - Powerpoint

Cultural District Establishment - Checklist

Example Application - City of New London