Elizabeth L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship - Now Accepting Applications!

Past Fellowship Recipients

 Recipient Town/City
 Professional Development
 2023  Kimolee Cowell
 Windsor American Sign Language sessions and to attend the +REEL Poetry International Festival 2024
 2023  Gregory Duke
 New London
To attend the League of American Orchestras 2023 National Conference
 2023  Desire Graham
 New Haven
 Facilitation training with the Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute
 2023  Rebekah Moore
 New Haven
University of Massachusetts Amherst Arts Management Certificate
 2022  Carin Estey
Art Equity workshops and continue training toward an Intimacy Directors and Coordinators Professional Certification
 2022  Jasmine Jones
 Hartford Work directly with mentors and consultants Anja Matthes and Samantha Box
 2022  Meredith Walker
 Ridgefield Participate in RE-ACT FOR CHANGE Transformational Coaching
 2021  Jeanika Browne-Springer
 2021  Dymin Ellis
 2021  Thabisa Rich
 Jacob Santos
 2020  Elizabeth Simmons
 2019  Sierra Van Ryck deGroot
 David Brand
 2019  Rebecca Goodheart
 2019  Katie Wasserman
 2019  Andrea Bingham
 2019  Amanda Shuman-Bisson
 2019  Ian Taylor
 2019  Robert Cinnante
 2018  Colette Hall
 2018  Jenny Dupre
 2017  Kristen Palmer
 2017  Calida Jones
 2017  Taneisha Duggan
 2016  No award given
 2015  Emily Mattina
 2014  Stephen Collins
 2013  Helen Kauder
 2012  Donna Berman
 2011  Michael Stotts
 2010  Steve Sigel
 2009  Ann Shapiro
 2008  Lou Ursone
 2007  Harry Philbrick
 2006  No Award Given
 2005  Jeffry Walker
 2004  Alexander Taylor, Ph.D
 2003  Pamela Tatge
 2002  Vita Muir
 2001  Dollie McLean
 2000  Victoria Nolan
 1999  Robert McQuilkin
 1998  Will Wilkins
Note:  Starting in 2017, the Mahaffey Fellowship was re-designed to support emerging to mid-career (more than 2 years but less than 10 years experience)arts administrators in their pursuit of professional development to advance their careers.