Elizabeth L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship - Now Accepting Applications!

How To Apply


Apply online using the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) e-granting portal.

  • New Applicants: Create an account
    • The system will ask you to enter the name of your organization as part of it's default settings, for artists please enter "not applicable" and bypass setting up organizational information.

  • Returning Applicants Log into your existing account. If you forgot your password then select "Reset Password" 
    • As a returning applicant you may open up into your "My applications" window when you log in. To begin a new application select "Programs" in the top right corner.

If you require an alternative method of application, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Tamara Dimitri by email at tamara.dimitri@ct.gov.   

Application Deadline

Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM


The Application

1. Resume, CV, or biographical statement that provides an overview of your experience (paid employment and unpaid), education, talents and goals.

2. Letter of recommendation that speaks of your administrative and leadership potential. *may be from a professional or personal colleague and does not have to be from an arts organization

3. Details on the professional development activity(ies) that you are applying for funds to support. Must include:

  • Description of the professional development activity(ies)
  • Name of service provider(s) with website links, if available
  • Dates of the professional development activity(ies).  Include whether it is a one-time training or if the training is over a period of time

  • A detailed and clear budget with an explanation of the costs and associated costs (i.e. registration, travel, lodging, materials)

4. Narratives:

  • Explain how the professional development activity(ies) will help advance your career in arts administration with a focus on both your professional and personal growth.  * there is not minimum or maximum word count
  • Share how this opportunity reflects your goals related to advancing the importance of diversity, equity, access or inclusion in the arts