2006 Liquor Commission Minutes

The Liquor Control Commission is a three-member regulatory commission in the Department that is chaired by the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection.
The Commission oversees provisional permits and is utilized by the Department to hold formal administrative hearings as well as informal hearings (compliance meetings) regarding allegations which include, but are not limited to: suitability of applicants and permit premises; obtaining liquor permits by fraud; sales to minors; sale to intoxicated persons; and unlawful activity occurring on the permit premises. 
The Commission also acts on matters delegated by the Commissioner, including but not limited to: review and approval of final liquor permits; review and approval of substitute permittee applications; review and approval of patio requests and additional consumer bars; and other matters that come before the Commission for consideration and adjudication.
Liquor Control Commission meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Department of Consumer Protection office in Hartford.
2006 Meeting Minutes