Major Contractor Registration

Any person or business engaged in the construction, structural repair, structural alteration, dismantling or demolition of a structure or addition that exceeds any of the following threshold limits.


Threshold Limits: Any building with at least one of the following characteristics is a “threshold” building:

  • 4 stories
  • 60 feet in height
  • Clear span of 150 feet in width
  • Contains 150,000 square feet of gross floor area
  • Has an occupancy of 1,000 people

Examples – schools, apartment and office buildings, malls, hospitals

Additional threshold limits exist for special use groups like Institutional (i.e. jails, asylums), Residential, (i.e. hotels, multi-family), and Storage (i.e. parking structures).

All threshold regulations can be found at - Chapter 541 - Building, Fire and Demolition Codes. Fire Marshals and Fire Hazards. Safety of Public and Other Structures


Major Contracting includes:

Subcontractors, under the direction of a general contractor, perform or offer to perform any work that impacts upon the structural integrity of a structure or addition, including repair, alteration, dismantling or demolition of a structure or addition that exceeds the threshold limits. 

Work includes, but is not limited to, roofing, masonry and structural framework.  


Major contracting does not include:

  • Work done on small commercial buildings (below threshold limits listed above)
  • Building new homes (see New Home Construction Contractor)
  • Any work on residential property (see Home Improvement Contractor)
  • Work that does not impact the structural integrity of the building like painting
  • Work that is covered under the scope of a trade license

New Application:

Legal entities (both in-state and out-of-state) must register their business with the CT Secretary of State’s Office prior to applying.

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Application Requirement 

An applicant for a Major Contractor Registration is required to submit two credit references. One must come from the trade industry (supplier or subcontractor) and one from a financial institution.

The forms below may be used in lieu of a traditional credit reference letter and attached to a paper application or uploaded with an online application:



All Major Contractor registrations expire annually on June 30th. Renewal fee: $500.00
Additional Information:
State Contracting
For information on contracting with the State of Connecticut, including a listing of current contracts, bids, and RFPs, instructions on signing up to be notified about new contract opportunities and information about the State’s Construction Contractor Prequalification and Supplier Diversity Programs, visit the State Procurement Marketplace homepage.


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