Sale of Nonlegend Drugs and Devices in Vending Machines

**IMPORTANT**  The Department is working to develop regulations implementing the use of vending machines for the sale of nonlegend drugs and devices at locations permitted to sell nonlegend drugs. Those interested in selling nonlegend drugs and devices through the use of a vending machine should wait until the regulations have been finalized and published to apply.

Section 6 of Public Act 23-52, updated Section 20-623 of the general statutes to permit the use of vending machines to sell nonlegend (over-the-counter) drugs and devices for those holding a Nonlegend Drug PermitEach vending machine shall be separately registered except that if there are two or more at a single location, only one permit is required. Each business shall identify an individual responsible for properly maintaining the vending machine.

The individual responsible for the vending machine shall ensure that the vending machine:

  • Maintains the proper temperature and humidity for each nonlegend drug offered as required by the original manufacturer;
  • Only contains nonlegend products in their original containers provided by the manufacturer;
  • Only contains nonlegend products that are unexpired and unadulterated;
  • Only offers nonlegend products that are not subject to a recall;
  • Only contains nonlegend products, sundries and other nonperishable items;
  • Has a clear and conspicuous statement attached to the vending machine disclosing the name, address and toll-free telephone number of the owner and operator of the vending machine(s);
  • Has a written notice stating "Drug tampering or expired product? Notify the Department of Consumer Protection, Drug Control Division, by calling (800) 842-2649";
  • Shall not offer any nonlegend drug or device that requires age verification, is subject to any quantity limit or is subject to any sales restriction under state or federal law, and;
  • Shall not contain any package that contains more than a five-day supply of a nonlegend drug according to the directions for use provided by the drug manufacturer.