Consumers - Where to Complain

Where to Complain or Take Action Against Telemarketing and Junk Mail
The national Do-Not-Call Registry covers both interstate and intra-state telemarketing calls, accepts cell phone numbers, and keeps a number registered until the consumer requests that it be removed, or disconnects the line. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) takes complaints, conducts investigations and penalizes rogue marketers.
If you are on the Do Not Call Registry and a Connecticut company is telemarketing to you, filing a complaint may be helpful.
Complaints about out of state companies should be filed directly with the FTC.
Although consumer complaints help regulators identify and stop telemarketers from breaking the law, consumers can and should take steps to prevent unwanted calls, and for those that persist, to cut them short.

Verify your registration on the Do-Not-Call website and never provide your phone number on feedback forms, surveys or other transaction documents. Be sure to expressly tell the businesses that you deal with to put you on their no-call list, and if unwanted calls come through, don’t hesitate to just hang up.

Your complaint may not immediately stop a company from calling. Agencies need time to gather information, verify the complaint, and contact the company to fully assess the existence of a violation, and then formulate the appropriate penalty and remedy.

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