Be Prepared

Keep you and your Family Safe

Educate yourself and your family on the types of disasters and weather issues to be expected in your area. Know if you are in a flood zone or evacuation zone. Find out if there are any places near your home that could be dangerous or cause an emergency. Some examples are:

  • A nuclear power plant
  • Areas prone to flooding
  • Buildings where chemicals are used

In the event you are asked to evacuate your home, know where you will go, whether that is a home of a family member, friend, motel, hotel, or shelter.

Learn what to do in case of an emergency at work and at your child’s school.

Make a Plan

Chose a safe place in your home where you can go in case of an emergency. Make sure your family knows where this is. Pick two different ways to get out of your home in case you need to leave it. Pick a place where your family can meet each other in the event you are separated. Identify who you would need to contact in case of an emergency. Have two people that you and your family can call: someone who lives in the same state and someone who lives in a different sate. Write down their names and phone numbers and make sure everyone in the family has a copy.

If you have pets, make a plan to keep them safe in case of an emergency.

Know how to turn off the electricity, gas, and water in your home.

Make sure everyone knows the plan.