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Special Information about Healthcare Tax Form--IRS Form 1095-B


It’s Tax Season Again…
Special Information about Healthcare Tax Form--IRS Form 1095-B for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program Members

Important for Tax Year 2021!  Enrollees in the HUSKY Health program will NOT automatically receive IRS Form 1095-B in the mail. 

As of tax year 2019, the IRS Form 1095-B is NO LONGER REQUIRED by federal law when preparing your federal tax returns.  Form 1040 no longer asks if you had Minimum Essential Coverage during the year. The IRS form 1095-B is NOT needed by tax consultants to complete your tax documents.

Previously, IRS Form 1095-B was required by federal law to be sent to you to help you prepare your federal tax return.  However, since the individual shared responsibility payment is now zero, this means there is no longer a penalty for not having minimum essential coverage.  DSS is no longer required to automatically send everyone a form, but DSS is required to make IRS Form 1095-B available to you upon request.  You may request a form for any tax year beginning with tax year 2015. 

How to request a form be mailed to you:

On-line: Please follow this link for the online form.

Note: If requesting a form on-line for more than one person in your family, you must submit each request separately.

Phone: Call the HUSKY Health 1095-B Information Center at:

            1-844-503-6871; Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Remember to have all dates of birth, social security numbers, and client identification numbers available when you call. 

Mail:  Send your request to:

The HUSKY Health 1095-B Information Center
P.O. Box 280747
East Hartford, CT  06128-0747

Note: Be sure to include the name of each person requesting a form, their dates of birth, social security numbers, client identification numbers and addresses to mail the form.