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Connecticut Siting Council Review of the Ten Year Forecast of Connecticut Electric Loads and Resources  (2023 Documents)


Council Memorandum Regarding 2021 Forecast Reports from Electric Generating Facilities, 02/28/23
2023 Forecast Report Memorandum Requesting Report Submissions Pursuant to CT General Statutes Section16-50r, 11/21/23




November 15, 2023 Public Session Notice, 10/13/23
Instructions for Public Access to Remote Zoom November 15, 2023 Public Session
Zoom Remote Public Session Recording, 11/15/23  (Passcode    ?z+L9sKR   )
Public Session Transcript, 11/15/23


Manchester Methane, LLC, 01/10/23
Lake Road Generating Company, LLC, 01/18/23
Milford Power Company, LLC, 01/20/23
New Milford Landfill, LLC, 01/20/23
Wheelabrator Lisbon, Inc., 01/23/23
Wheelabrator Bridgeport, 01/24/23
Wallingford Department of Public Utilities, 02/16/23
Lodestar Energy Facilities (LSE Canes Venatici; LSE Coma Berenices; LSE Canis Major; LSE Delphinus; LSE Pictor; LSE Pheonix), 02/21/23
Lodestar Facility - LSE Canis Minor, LLC, 02/23/23
Wallingford Renewable Energy, LLC, 02/28/23
Dominion Energy Nuclear Connecticut, Inc., 02/23/23
Generation Bridge, LLC, 02/27/23
DG Connecticut Solar III, LLC, 02/28/23
Bloom Energy Corporation, 02/08/23
Quinebaug Solar, LLC, 02/28/23
Nutmeg Solar, LLC, 02/28/23
Bristol Resource Recovery Facility, 02/28/23
CPV Towantic, LLC, 03/08/23
Barrow Solar, LLC, 03/27/23
Sydney Solar, LLC, 03/27/23
Dickinson Solar, LLC, 03/27/23
Power Lines Solar, LLC, 04/18/23
Onyx Renewable Partners L.P., 12/08/23
UI Seaside Bridgeport Solar, 11/30/23
CP East Hampton Solar I, LLC and CP East Hampton Solar II, LLC, 12/27/23


Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC), 02/28/23
The United Illuminating Company, 03/01/23
Eversource Energy, 03/01/23