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PETITION NO. 1618 – T-Mobile Northeast LLC (T-Mobile) petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed extension and modifications to an existing telecommunications facility and associated equipment on electric transmission line structure 6063B, owned by Eversource Energy within an existing Eversource Energy electric transmission line right-of-way located at Oil Mill Road, Waterford, Connecticut.

PETITION (recd. 03/08/24)
Petition Narrative, 02/27/24


Council Letter to Town of Waterford, 03/11/24
Council Set Date for Decision, 04/25/24
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, 05/23/24


Schedule, 03/08/24
Schedule, 04/25/24
Schedule, 05/23/24

Service List, 03/08/24

PETITIONER - T-Mobile Northeast LLC (T-Mobile)
Responses to Council Interrogatories, 05/28/24