PETITION NO. 1422 Greenskies Clean Energy, LLC petition for a CF Mulnite LLC Declaratory Ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 4.99-megawatt AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facility to be located at Mulnite Farms, Inc. off Barber Hill Road west of the intersection with Rockville Road, East Windsor, Connecticut and associated electrical interconnection.


PETITION (received July 20, 2020)
Petition Cover Letter
Petition Narrative
Figures 1  - Site Location Map
Figure 2 - Proposed Project Area Aerial
Figures 3 - Zoning Map
Figure 4 - Tax Parcel Map
Figure 5 - Site Survey
Figure 6 - Slope Map
Figure 7 - Proposed Project Layout
Figure 8 - Construction Schedule
Figure 9 - Sample Soil Array Seed Mix Photos
Figure 10 - Prime Farmland Soils Map
Figure 11 - Wetlands Delineation Map
Figure 12 - NDDB Areas Map
Figure 13 - Core Forest Map
Figure 14 - Aquifer Protection Area
Figure 15 - Water Quality Classifications, East Windsor, CT (CTDEEP)
Appendix A - Permit Plan/Drawing Set
Appendix B - Electrical Drawings & Equipment Specifications
Appendix C - Operation & Maintenance Documentation
Appendix D - Draft Decommissioning Plan
Appendix E - Carbon Debt Analysis
Appendix F - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix G - Stormwater Report
Appendix H - Cultural Resource Assessment Documentation
Appendix I - Wetlands Delineation Report
Appendix J - Wildlife and Habitat Review Documentation
Appendix K - Public Outreach Documentation
Appendix L - Site Soils Information
Appendix M - Visual Simulations

Council Letter to the Town of East Windsor, 07/21/20
Council State Agencies Memorandum, 07/21/20
Council Incomplete Letter to Greenskies Clean Energy, LLC, 07/29/20 
Council Acknowledgement of Submission Rendering Petition Complete, 09/02/20
Council Interrogatories to Greenskies, Set One, 09/21/20
Council Acknowledgement of Town of East Windsor Request for Hearing, 12/03/20
Council Decision on Town of East Windsor Request for Hearing, 12/18/20
Council Completeness Review, 01/14/21
Council Interrogatories to Greenskies, Set Two, 02/04/21
Council Request for Extension of Time to Render Final Decision, 02/24/21

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection C.G.S. §16-50k No Material Impact to Core Forest Determination Letter, 08/20/20
Department of Agriculture C.G.S. §16-50k No Material Impact to Prime Farmland Determination Letter, received 08/28/20

Council on Environmental Quality Comments, 08/28/20
The Connecticut Airport Authority Comments, 01/20/21


Town of East Windsor Comments (Request for Hearing), 12/01/20 

February 23, 2021 Hearing Documents, 01/15/21
1.  Instructions for Public Access to Remote Public Hearing
2.  Hearing Notice
3.  Hearing Program 
4.  Citizens Guide to Siting Council Procedures; and 
5.  Proposed Facility Site Plan 
Remote Pre-Hearing Tele-Conference Memorandum, 01/21/21
Remote Hearing Procedure Memorandum, 01/27/21
Zoom Remote Public Hearing Recording, 02/23/21 ( Passcode: w0$ZRf8t  )

Schedule, 07/22/20
Revised Schedule, 07/29/20
Revised Schedule, 08/31/20
Revised Schedule, 01/14/21
Revised Schedule, 03/17/21


Service List, 07/21/20
Service List, 01/21/21

Hearing Program
Hearing Program, 02/23/21

Hearing Transcript 2 p.m., 02/23/21
Public Session Transcript 6:30 p.m., 02/23/21
Council Transcript Memorandum, 02/26/21

PETITIONER - Greenskies Clean Energy, LLC 
Petitioner Response to Council Incomplete Letter, 08/03/20
Petitioner Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 10/05/20
Exhibit A - Revised Site Plans
Exhibit B - Solectria XGI Inverter Specification Sheet
Exhibit C - FAA Notice and Submission
Exhibit D - Modified Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan
Exhibit E - NDDB Preliminary Assessment Letter
Exhibit F - Wildlife Report
Exhibit G - Revised Planting Plan
Exhibit H - Photo Exhibit
Exhibit I - Dam Safety E-Mail
Petitioner Correspondence with attached DEEP NDDB Final Determination Letter, 10/23/20
Petitioner Response to Town of East Windsor Request for Hearing, 12/11/20
Petitoner Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set Two, 02/16/21
Exhibit A - FAA Determination
Exhibit B - Solar Glare Study
Petitioner Sign Posting Affidavit, 02/19/21

Petitioner's Service List Change Request, 01/20/21
Petitioner's Hearing Information, 02/16/21
Petitioner's Response to Council's Request for Extension of Time to Render Final Decision, 03/08/21

Council's Draft Findings of Fact, 04/08/21

Council Decision Package, 04/26/21
Transfer of Declaratory Ruling and Council Acknowledgement, 11/06/23


CF Mulnite LLC Motion to Reopen and Modify, 02/05/24
Council Memorandum Regarding CF Mulnite LLC Motion to Reopen and Modify, 02/07/24
Town of East Windsor Request for Party Status, 02/26/24
Council Acknowledgement of Town of East Windsor Request for Party Status, 02/26/24
Council Decision on East Windsor Request for Party Status, 03/01/24
Council Decision on Madsen Request for Public Hearing, 03/01/24
Council Decision on Motion to Reopen and Modify and Staff Report, 03/01/24