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PETITION NO. 1395A – Windham Solar LLC amended petition for a declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of one 1.0-megawatt (MW) and one 0.99 MW solar photovoltaic electric generating facilities located at 31 Benz Street, Ansonia, Connecticut. Link to Petition No. 1395

PETITION (received 06/23/20)
Exhibit A - Site Plans
Exhibit K - DEEP C.G.S. Section 16-50K No Material Impact to Core Forest Determination Letter

Council Letter to City of Ansonia, 06/26/20
Council Incomplete Letter to Windham Solar, LLC, 06/26/20
State Agencies Comment Memorandum, 06/25/20
Council Acknowledgement of Incomplete Submission, 07/02/20
Council Interrogatories to Windham Solar LLC, Set One, 08/10/20
Council Acknowledgement of City of Ansonia Request for Status, 11/10/20
Council Approval of Ansonia Party Status, 11/20/20
Council Set Date for Decision Letter, 11/20/20
Council Interrogatories to Windham Solar LLC, Set Two, 11/30/20
Council Response to City of Ansonia's Request for a Hearing, 05/10/21


Schedule, 06/26/20
Schedule, 11/20/20
Schedule for Reconsideration, 04/23/21

Service List, 06/23/20
Service List, 11/19/20
Service List, 4/23/21

PETITIONER - Windham Solar, LLC
Petitioner Response to Incomplete and Supplemental Information, 06/30/20
Petitioner Responses to Interrogatories, 09/30/20
Petitioner Opposition to Intervention of the City of Ansonia, 11/13/20
Petitioner Responses to Interrogatories, Set Two, 12/30/20

Petitioner Responses to Ansonia Interrogatories, 02/26/21

PARTY - City of Ansonia
City of Ansonia's Request for Status, received 11/06/20

City of Ansonia's Interrogatories to Petitioner, received 02/22/21

Council Decision and Staff Report, 03/12/21 (Denied with Prejudice)

Petitioner Motion to Vacate, and in the Alternative, to Reconsider the Decision of March 12, 2021, 03/26/21
Council Memorandum Requesting Comments on Petitioner's Motion, 03/26/21
City of Ansonia's Objection to Windham Solar, LLC's Motion, 04/09/21
Council Decision on Motion to Reconsider, 04/23/21
Council Petition for Reconsideration Interrogatories, 05/04/21
City of Ansonia's Request for a Hearing, 05/06/21
Petitioner's Response to Reconsideration Interrogatories, 05/27/21
Petitioner's Reconsideration Interrogatories Response Attachment A
Petitioner's Submission of DEEP Stormwater Permit Approval and Revised Construction Sequence, 06/16/21
Attachment - Petitioner's Revised Stormwater Pollution Control Plan
Petitioner's Submission of DEEP Approval of the General Permit Registration for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from Construction Activities, 06/17/21


Council Decision and Staff Report, 06/21/21

Partial D&M Plan Cover Letter, received 06/28/21
Partial D&M Plan Response with Site Plan
Exhibit A - Site Plan
Exhibit B - Box Turtle Protection Plan
Exhibit C - DEEP General Permit Authorization
Exhibit D - NDDB Determination Update
Exhibit E - Benz Solar - Module Cut Sheet
Exhibit F - Benz Solar - Decommissioning Memo
D&M Plan Schedule, 6/30/21
Council D&M Plan Interrogatories, 07/06/21
Responses to Council's D&M Plan Interrogatories, 7/13/21
Council Decision on Partial D&M Plan, 07/30/21
Council Letter to the City of Ansonia, 10/29/21
Construction Progress Report (site clearing), 11/17/21
City of Ansonia Inland Wetlands Commission Request and Council Response, 02/14/22