As we continue to move to a more online registration and record-keeping system, we are providing you with directions on common areas that you need to be familiar with:  Creating an Account, Registering for a Class, Registering for a Certification Exam, and Other important functions. For a listing of each of these functions click below    

     CFA Acadis Online Information

CFA Online Acadis Course Registration

Creating an Account is the first step to be sure you can register for a class or test, also to keep track of your completed training, and very soon all your past Certifications will be available as part of your record.

Registering is obviously important for anyone who is taking a class and ANY Certification test (practical or written) requires a student to register as well. 

This will be the only way to sign up and register for classes!
 To create an account, please follow the directions below:
Note: The Acadis portal is best used in CHROME. Using Microsoft Edge requires the browser to be fully updated. If using a web-filtering product you must add ACADIS to your products safe list


• Turn off the pop-up blocker
• Click on WebForms on the right hand side of the page.
• Click on Request a CFA User Portal Account.
• Fill out the form, then click Submit in the lower right corner of the page.
• You will receive an email indicating that your submission has been received;
  please allow two business days while our staff reviews and processes your request.
 *Note: You can not register for a class until your User Portal Account has been approved!
• Watch for another email with the link you will need to access your new Acadis Portal account.
• Once you receive your account you will be able to register for classes or exams.
IMPORTANT NOTE – If you experience any issues along the way, please email:

Remember that some courses fill up quickly, especially Fire Service Instructor and Fire officer courses, so sign up soon to reserve your spot.  Plan your training for the upcoming year!

Also, note that the courses shown on the calendar only represent some of the course offerings from CFA.  As always, contact a Program Manager to schedule training for your department.  

To register for Courses:

1.Sign into your ACADIS Portal account

2.Under “Training and Events” click on “Browse or Sign up for Training

3.You will now be on the Registration page and see ALL available training.

4.Click on the “Filters” tab on the right top of the page

5.In the next window that opens, click on the pull down for the field labeled “Program Category

6.In the window that opens, scroll through the list and choose Training.

7.Then use a Keyword to streamline your search (i.e. Officer, Instructor, Firefighting, Apparatus)

8.Click Apply for the results.

9.Locate the class you would like to register for and click on the “Register” tab

10.In the Registration section, you will need to fulfill the prerequisites by uploading any required documents and/or providing any required data.  For example the CFA Approval Form.  You should download this form because it needs to be completed and signed by a Chief or other authorized individual to complete your registration.

11.For each prerequisite ensure you select the “Met or exceeded” button and click on “save”

12.Scroll down the “Registration” page until you get to the “*Tuition Bill-To-Party” – click on the pull down tab and select the payment method

13.Click on the blue “Submit Request” to finish your registration


For instructions on how To register for Certification Click here


For instructions on how to view invoices

How to make an account and view invoices in Acadis

Short video on how to sign up for invoice viewing  (it might take a few seconds to load)