Minutes of the August 7, 2018 special meeting of the Council on Environmental Quality held in the Russell Room on the third floor of 79 Elm Street in Hartford.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Susan Merrow (Chair), Janet Brooks, Alicea Charamut, Lee Dunbar, Karyl Lee Hall (by phone), Alison Hilding, Kip Kolesinskas, Charles Vidich

ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Peter Hearn (Environmental Analyst)

At 9:36 AM, Chair Merrow convened the meeting, noting a quorum.

Executive Session

Chair Merrow asked for a motion to go into executive session for the purpose of discussion of personnel matters. Hall made the motion, which was seconded by Charamut and approved unanimously. Hearn left the room. At approximately 10:20 AM, during the executive session, Hall had to disconnect to attend to a prior commitment.

At 10:40 AM the executive session ended and Hearn was recalled. Charamut read the following motion to summarize the discussions and the determination made in the executive session, “upon consideration of Chairperson Sue Merrow's interview of Peter Hearn, current EA2 for the CEQ, and upon consideration of his education, experience, training, and supporting documentation, the Council moves, pursuant to General Statues Section 22a-11, to offer the executive directorship of the Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality to Peter Hearn.” Dunbar seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Chair Merrow said she would provide Hearn with a letter, on the Council’s letterhead, which he could take to personnel so the process of installing him in the position could be initiated.

Hearn said he wanted to note publically that there were many occasions when the Council’s future had been uncertain. He said that he and former executive director, Karl Wagener, appreciated that the members of the Council saw the organization through those times. He said he would do his best to assure that the Council’s mission continues. Brooks excused herself to tend to other business.

Hearn said he had requested a meeting with Human Resources to discuss the details of the executive director position and of the soon-to-be vacant position of environmental analyst. Vidich said the minutes should reflect the fact that at its June 20th meeting the Council passed a resolution to make a recommendation to Governor Malloy that Peter Hearn be appointed as executive director on July first. When requested, the Governor’s Office determined that the Council’s founding legislation put that hiring authority exclusively in the hands of the Council. All agreed that this should be included in the minutes as explanation for the Council’s action today.

There was a brief discussion of the Council’s budget under the new “passport to parks” funding for the Council. Hearn said he will inquire as to how the new budget will be determined. Dunbar suggested that Hearn inquire if the Personnel Department can post a notice of an “expected” vacancy, to speed along the hiring process.

There being no further business, Merrow asked for an adjournment motion, which was made by Charamut, second by Vidich and approved by all. The meeting adjourned at 11:16.