Minutes of the meeting of the April 23, 2018 Subcommittee on the New Britain Watershed Environmental Study, held in the Holcombe Room on the fifth floor of 79 Elm Street in Hartford.

SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Alicea Charamut, Kip Kolesinskas

ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Peter Hearn (Environmental Analyst)

At 1:06 PM, Co-chair Charamut convened the meeting.

Co-chair Kolesinskas read a statement, so those members of the public who had come to observe would understand that the Council has no decision-making authority regarding the proposed reservoir and that the meeting is a working meeting without a public comment period. He encouraged those who wish to make comments, to submit them as a note or by email to the Council.

A draft review of the environmental study had been submitted for review by the subcommittee prior to the meeting. It compiled the analyses of the co-chairs and many members of the public into a single critique of the plan.

The subcommittee approved the format, which followed the legislative charge to the Council regarding what items are to be considered and reviewed each point for accuracy. The co-chairs made many suggestions to improve clarity, eliminate duplication and add facts.

Co-chair Charamut said she would like staff to review her water conservation calculations and to stress conservation in the summary. She made a motion that Hearn should incorporate the changes discussed into a second draft to be considered by the full Council at its meeting on Wednesday. This was seconded by co-chair Kolesinskas. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:01 PM by motion from co-chair Charamut which was seconded by co-chair Kolesinskas.