What is a skills inventory?

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The Career ConneCT skills inventory


What is the purpose of the skills inventory?

The skills inventory is a tool to learn more about your skills in math, spatial reasoning, reading, comprehension, and how you might respond to some common situations you may find yourself in. The skills inventory will help your case manager or career coach provide better guidance to you in your career choices and can provide additional skills development programs if needed to ensure your success in both the training program and the career you choose. This is not a test that will be used to deny your entrance into Career ConneCT programs.


Do I have to take the skills inventory?

Yes, everyone participating in Career ConneCT must complete the skills inventory. Depending on the industry you are interested in, you may also be asked to take an additional skills inventory to help us understand your skills relevant to that industry.


How long does it take to complete the skills inventory?

The skills inventory is 16 multiple choice questions and takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete.


Can I take the skills inventory on my phone?

Yes. You can take the skills inventory on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.


Can I go back and review my responses and change an answer on the skills inventory?

Yes, you can review and change responses until you submit it.


Can I start the skills inventory and complete it at another time?

Yes, you can log back into the skills inventory to complete the questions. You must complete the entire skills inventory within 7 days of signing up in the Career ConneCT portal and getting the link. We suggest you plan 30 minutes of time and start the skills inventory when you can complete it.


What if I don't finish the skills inventory within the expected 7 days?

You are strongly encouraged to complete the skills inventory within 7 days to keep your career journey moving forward. If you are not able to finish within the 7-day period, you will need to request permission to re-open the skills inventory.


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