How do I register for Career ConneCT?

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Career Connect registration and enrollment


How do I register for the Career ConneCT program?

Go to the Career ConneCT web portal and complete the intake form.


What will I need to do after I complete the intake form?

After you complete the intake form, you will have an opportunity to upload your resume or input your education and employment history to help us understand your skills. Then, you will be prompted to complete a skills inventory that will help determine what Career ConneCT training and career pathway are the best fit for you.


Will I have someone to help me navigate the Career ConneCT program?

Yes! After you complete the intake form and the skills inventory, you will be assigned a case manager or career coach who will work with you to identify the best training for you, enroll you in training, make sure you get the support services you need to start and complete training, and provide guidance throughout your time in the program.


Can someone help me use the web portal?

Yes. You can receive help navigating the portal from your case manager or career coach. A technical support team is also available to answer questions about the web portal and to troubleshoot technical issues.


What if I don’t know what training I want to take or what job I want to prepare for?

The Career ConneCT web portal has career exploration tools to help you learn about a range of careers and identify the best careers for you based on your skills. Your case manager or career coach can also work with you to figure out which training program and career pathway would be best for you.


Can I enroll in a training program on my own and then tell my case manager or career coach?

No. For the Career ConneCT program to pay for your training, your case manager or career coach must authorize your training program before you start training, and help you enroll in the program.


What else will I need to do before I enroll in training?

You will need to work with your case manager or career coach to register in CTHires, the Connecticut public workforce system’s comprehensive online workforce development system.


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